What is Dtreo?

The Door To Your Own Data

Dtreo is your door to your own data. Dtreo is an interface between individuals or collectives of farmers and businesses that are interested in being informed about their operations.

Cloud Based Genetics Data Engine Interface

The cloud-based infrastructure of Dtreo integrates seamlessly with the AniCapture app smart device software designed for offline gathering of data in situations where connectivity is challenging.

Clean And Normalised

Clean, normalised data is highly desirable for genetic evaluation. It can also be a critical requirement when contributing data to a supply chain endeavouring to meet specific needs. Dtreo quickly establishes a path for validating and centralising disparate data once.

Build Reports, Do Analysis, Create Graphics

Dtreo is a distributed recording platform for those involved in animal and plant breeding or farming. Whether capturing performance data or other important production attributes, Dtreo is highly configurable and flexible. It can meet the needs of complicated intense breeding programs and cater to diverse and unique situations.

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