Dtreo Pricing

A Fully Featured Resource Recording and Analyst Package

  • Integrated Cloud, Web, Mobile database
  • Customizable to What and How You Want to Record
  • Extractable Reporting Tools
  • Bring Existing Data with You
  • Fulltime Customer Support
  • Collect Data Offline out in the field
  • Developed by a Company of Agribusiness Experts Who Understand the Requirements of the Industry

Self Loaded Data

You can bring existing data over to Dtreo. By following our instructions, you can format the data and upload into your new Dtreo account yourself. Bringing existing data will allow you to start making the most of the what Dtreo has to offer immediately.

Catered Option

For a fee our team of experts can format and bring existing data to a new Dtreo account for you. Starting with Dtreo does not mean you have to lose any existing information. Dtreo has been built from the ground up to run with existing data, whatever form that may take. By bringing existing data you can start to take advantage of the benefits that Dtreo has to offer immediately.

Get Started with Dtreo Today

Send us your details and our staff of dedicated IT and Agribusiness experts will be in contact to discuss how Dtreo can help maximize your production resources and output profit.

Discover What Dtreo Can Do

Dtreo will allow you to accurately and efficiently record the livestock or horticulture resources of your choice. Dtreo will help your organization to maximise resources make effective decisions and generate greater returns.

Frequently Asked Questions